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Custom lasered items can make perfect Fundraisers for soccer teams, churches, youth trips, etc.   It's a chance to show support for the organization while allowing others to show their support too.   Below are just a few of the more common Fundraiser items.  For your cost, as well as suggested selling prices please contact us at 800-860-2376 or Send eMail.

 Square Custom bamboo coasters   Set of six square custom laser printed bamboo coasters in an attractive storage rack.

Round leather drink coaster  These nice round leather drink coasters will last for years and quickly become favorites.

Round stitched leather coaster  A variation of the traditional leather coaster. This one has pressed stitches around the edges for a touch of class.

Square stitched leather coaster  Another variation on the traditional leather coaster. This one has pressed stitches around the edges of a square design.

Custom laser printed coffee cup  The traditional coffee cup but with custom laser etching onto the cup. There's no worry about this printing coming off as it's etched directly into the cup, not just a silkscreen print.

Insulated metal drink cooler  This is a custom laser printed drink cooler/warmer.  This isn't a low quality slip-over cover. It's high quality aluminum with the etching directly into the metal.  You'll be holding these for years.

Tall drink mug These classy tall drink cups with your printing etched into the cup say quality all the way.

Custom etched Travel Mug with lid  This is a high quality travel mug with lid.   It not only shows your pride, but you can take your drink anywhere with reduced risk of spilling.  Fits into most car cup holders very well too.

Custom printed metal water bottle  This non-insulated metal drinking bottle helps keep you hydrated during the game.  It fits into most backpack bottle holders perfectly.

Custom printed leather key fob   Stitched leather key FOB is soft in the pocket.

Custom printed metal key fob  Engraved metal key FOB.

Fund raiser bricks  Fund raising bricks